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A New Approach to Aging and Living At Home Longer- Caring for Independent Seniors in the Comfort of Their Own Homes

Welcome to Family Care Networks


Family Care Networks is a home technology design and installation firm focused on providing simple and effective home systems for aging and
disabled clients and their families. With our discreet and unobtrusive LIFESTYLE MONITORING SYSTEMS, FCN provides piece of mind to elders living alone, knowing that their home system can alert loved ones and caregivers of a problem without even picking up the phone. For family members and caregivers, FCN systems provide an unobtrusive gateway to monitor the activities of loved ones from afar. Everyone in your Family Care Network can access real time information about the status of the independent elder - has a door been left open, how many times did they open the fridge today, are they sleeping well? Whether you are upstairs, next door, or across the country, family can easily access real time status of the monitored devices
in the home through a secure web portal, view online daily activity reports, and be immediately alerted to trouble by email or text message

A Smart Home Can Make Life Easier for an Elderly Homeowner

FCN systems can also provide real convenience for the elderly resident, managing lights, temperature, and even TV and Music in the home, all with the touch of a single button, or even automatically. With an enhanced home system from Family Care Networks, lights can be programmed to turn on automatically in the night when the homeowner gets out of bed or arrives home late, to prevent an injury or fall in the dark; the sometimes arduous task of roaming the home to turn off the lights can be eliminated by programming your home to turn all the lights off automatically when mom gets into bed each night......the system senses that she has retired for the evening by sensing pressure on the bed mattress, and slowly dims the lights in the home to off after a specified period of time.


Independent Living for Seniors
Making it Easier to Age at Home

As we grow older and more experienced, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage the home and maintain independence in your lifestyle. Often caring for aging parents can be a challenge, as you want to help them maintain their independence while ensuring they are safe and healthy while living on their own.

Lifestyle Monitoring systems can help seniors live in their own homes longer, by helping to create a network of caregivers that are ready to help and always connected, and by using simple home technology to make it easier to manage the home. Whether you are looking for a Standard Lifestyle Monitoring System to help ypou care for a loved one, or a simple to use Smart Home System for seniors that can manage the home by itself, Family Care Neetworks is here to help

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Lifestyle Monitoring for Caregivers
Making it Easier to Care for Loved Ones

Lifestyle Monitoring Technology - unobtrusive and virtually invisible monitoring and sensor systems that alert caregivers outside the home to abnormal activity or trouble in the home of an elderly person living alone. These systems require no interaction from the senior living independently in their own home.

Lifestyle Monitoring Systems allow caregivers to maintain a constant and real time link to the activity in the home of a loved one or client, knowing that if something is not right in the home,they will be alerted by email or text. See what's happening inside the home whenever you need to - the system will tell you when and where motion was last activated in the home, and even tell you if Mom is still in bed.


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System Options and Pricing at home longer for about the cost of 1 month of assisted care living in a seniors' residence

Choose from a selection of Pre-Configured Systems, or we can custom design a system to meet the needs of your specific situation

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